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  • EBM revolutionized the concept of biscuits in Pakistan: with its mouth-wateringly diverse portfolio of healthy and tasty biscuits under the Peek Freans umbrella. EBM transformed biscuits from an extravagance to a daily must-have. Internationally acclaimed as a Superbrand, the Peek Freans brand symbolizes wholesomeness and inspires trust in consumers.


  • Peek Freans Sooper is Pakistan’s No. 1 selling biscuit brand. Now available in two variants, Egg & Milk and Elaichi cookies, Sooper was launched in 1996. It was re-launched in 2002 in the iconic red packaging. With its luscious melt-in-your-mouth texture and balanced sweetness, Sooper has won accolades by consumers of all ages.
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Peak Freans

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