• When your child turns 1, his curious mind wants to explore, touch and feel everything, and in the process, puts things in his mouth. This can lead to his tummy getting upset. NESTLÉ NIDO 1+ has a combination of prebiotics, probiotics and immunonutrients, which together ensure that the your child’s tummy is always protected. NESTLÉ NIDO 1+ is not a breast milk substitute.
  • NESTLÉ NIDO 1+ has probiotics, prebiotics and immuno-nutrients. The Probiotic L.Protectus (L.Reutri) is clinically proven to help strengthen your childs gut defences. Immuno-nutrients such as Vitamin A,C and D, Iron, Zinc, and selenium help support your child’s immunity.
  • Product pricing may differ from the displayed ones according to the fluctuation in the prices within Pakistani markets.




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