Dry Fruits

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Dried fruit is fruit from which the majority of the original water content has been removed either naturally, through sun drying, or through the use of specialized dryers or dehydrators. They are in high demand due to sweet taste, nutritive value, and long shelf life. Nearly half of the dried fruits sold are raisins, followed by dates, prunes, figs, apricots etc. These are referred to as "conventional" or "traditional" dried fruits. Dried fruits retain most of the nutritional value of fresh fruits.


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Health benefits of fruits guarantee you optimum health and a well-built body in the long run. Fruits benefit your body immensely as they are natural sources of vitamins and minerals, which are essential for proper functioning of the body. Rich in dietary fiber, fruits also help to improve the functioning of the digestive tract. Fruits are an important part of a healthy diet for those who want to lose weight; they give ample energy and nearly every nutrient that your body needs to curb weight gain, without adding any unnecessary fats.


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Eating vegetables provides health benefits - people who eat more fruits and vegetables as part of an overall healthy diet are likely to have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases. Vegetables provide nutrients vital for health and maintenance of your body.