About Us

About Us

Know Us

 Looking for the best choice in online stores. Just try once we shall try to keep up to your expectations. We will be pleased to assist you. We always take care to:

  1. Provide you with quality and comfort.
  2. Keep our designs updated as well as,
  3. Keep you in touch with traditional wear.


Our Mission

We intend to promote old traditions in footwear, but at the same time want to keep our clients at pace with the modern trends.

  1. To promote culture.
  2. To support the traditional industry.
  3. To promote traditional wear.

Our Vision

In the next few years, we shall be able to cause a stir in the use of traditional wear in all classes and sections of society.

  1. Our approach is positive.
  2. Our methods are practical.
  3. Therefore we see a better healthier future.